Aamir Khan interacts with the students of Bennett University during their convocation

Aamir Khan is one of the most successful actors in the industry for the past three decades. He is the one man who believes in quality the most and delivers to the audience unlike any other star in the film fraternity. The actor is an inspiration for the youth of the country. 

Interacting with the students of Bennett University during their virtual convocation, Aamir delivered the keynote speech on their graduation today. He spoke of his life at the movies and how he never chased success and worked hard till his work reached fruition. 

Aamir Khan

He elucidated his experiences during his journey and how once he realised he was not happy with his work, he changed the way he looked at his craft. He also recalled the time Rajkumar Hirani asked him to play a college student at the age of 44 and how every profession has something to contribute to the society and the world at large. 

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