Anil Kapoor takes to the beach for a healthy workout

Anil Kapoor’s workout session can give even a 20-year-old something to think about. The actor is super fit even in his 60s and acts as an inspiration for us all. Today the actor has shared a video of his fitness regime yet again and he surprises us with his dedication.

We see having a great jog on the beach in the video. The actor sprints at such a high speed that it’s impossible to believe that he’s 60 plus. He captioned the video saying, ‘During the lockdown I was dreaming about the beach…dreaming of escaping…finally I get to the beach and my trainer @marcyogimead, makes me sprint…fitness always comes first…It’s not about the location but about the dedication…’

Anil Kapoor

Anil Kapoor’s video makes us realize that we can’t make age or location or anything else as an excuse to skip exercise. More power to the fittest actor in the industry!

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