Anushka Sharma reveals the most important gadget she owns

Anushka Sharma’s gentle nature, compassion for animal rights and standing up against what’s harming the environment, all contribute to her massive stardom. She is not just relevant because of her movies, but also because of the causes she truly believes in. The actress, however, like all of us, is frustrated by a few things that get on her nerves. One such thing as revealed by the star herself is her cell phone. No, it’s not because of the numerous messages she receives, it is because of the poor battery life. She feels that there is never enough battery in her phone and that just pisses her off. 

When questioned about the one gadget she cannot move out without, the actress, therefore, said, “my portable charger.” She added that it is always in her bag as she needs it almost throughout the day.

Anushka Sharma

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