Ayushmann Khurrana reveals the first gadget he owned

Ayushmann Khurrana is at the top of his game currently. The actor has a long list of hit films to his name and some interesting ones in the pipeline. Ayushmann always believes in breaking the norms when it comes to picking scripts and always has something out of the box to be presented in front of the audience. He has a skill to select the most simple stories with a strong message that the society needs to hear. Well, but amidst all of that, the actor is also a simple guy at heart. He has made it to the top with his own hardwork and it is truly commendable. The guy had humble beginnings and was asked about few things from his salad days. 

So when Ayushmann was questioned about his childhood by an entertainment portal sometime back and was asked about the first gadget that he ever owned, the actor said, “Mario games or like Samurai, video games for sure. What was the exact name of it… it was media amazer.” Now how sweet is that?

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