Bobby Deol explains why cinemas will bounce back post the pandemic

We’re going through unprecedented times right now. The coronavirus pandemic has majorly affected every financial sector of the country including the entertainment industry.

Now with the country moving into a phase of the unlock, many production houses have begun with shooting once again but film releases still remain on hold. In fact, makers are now opting to launch their films directly on OTT platforms since there still lies large uncertainty regarding theatres. During an interview with Filmfare, actor Bobby Deol revealed that he still is confident that the theatres will bounce back post the pandemic. He said, “I think that OTT platforms as well as the theatre, both will survive. Cinema will never die. We can order food sitting at home, but the fun in going out and eating is something else. The same thing applies to films. People will never stop going to the theatres.”

The multiplex association of India recently appealed to the government to reopen theatres citing losses amounting to Rs. 9,000 crore.

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