Diljit Dosanjh responds to netizens who feel his support to farmers is a political game

The Punjab film industry stars are really making a good move and indeed fighting for the right cause. Several Punjabi celebrities have shown their support for the farmers who’re not happy with the recent Farmers Bill. Infact the celebrities even showed their solidarity with the farmers for the September 25th Bharat Bandh.

One of the Punjabi celebrities who showed immense support to the farmers was Diljit Dosanjh who even posted the poster of Bharat Bandh that was initiated by the farmers to show solidarity to the farmers. However certain netizens saw this move as a political move and started trolling the Punjabi superstar. But Dilji Dosanjh is not someone who would keep mum. He decided to take upon the trollers in his style and gave back a befitting reply.

While one netizen tweeted to him saying, ‘Gaane gaao jaada mat udoo beta rajneeti tum jaiso ke layak nhi @diljitdosanjh.’ Diljit replied saying, ‘Putt Rajneeti ton Utey uth… Gal Kisaan Di aa .. Har gal ch Rajneeti Na Ley ke aoo..’

Diljit Dosanjh

Well that’s not all, someone else tweeted to him saying that he’s using this issue as his entry to politics, “Pa ji lag to yahi raha hai kisan ki aad me ap bhi rajneeti ki tayari kr rhe ho.
” To this, Diljit wrote – “Haan Sara Punjab Jehda Sadkan Te aa Oh Rajneeti di Tyari Hee kar riha ..? Hadd aa sali akal nu hath pair maar Lao Koi.. har gal ch Rajneeti .. Oye Bas karo Oye Sharm kar Lao Thodi ..”

Now we must say that we love that Diljit Dosanjh stands for such good causes and also has befitting replies to the unnecessary trollers.

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