Diljit Dosanjh slams his troller and has a perfect comeback for them

Diljit Dosanjh is one of the biggest celebrities nationwide. His songs are a rage which make him popular worldwide and his acting skills impresses the Punjabi and the Hindi film industry. The singer who has a wide mass following on social media, speaks his mind often and also has befitting replies to his trollers. 

Recently one of the netizens tweeted tagging Gurdas Maan, Guru Randhawa and Diljit Dosanjh saying, ‘Shame on u, ur real mother is your land who gave u everything (All of them are afraid that if all of them say something in favor of the farmers, they may get in trouble from the central government. #DiljitDosanjh Come see the big Bhagat Singh’s fan. Shame on u, ur real mother is your land who gave u everything)’ To this Diljit replied to him saying, ‘Tu nava aeya lagda Twitter te. Ja ke check kar post’an .. Apne Platform nu Tere nalon vadh Use kita Avaaz Buland karn Lai.. Jithey v Betha apna platform Use Kar riha..Bhokan Naal Ni Kush Hona.Apna Apna Farz pashano.’

Diljit was one of the first celebrities to tweet in support of the farmers and even supporting their protest for a Bharat Bandh day. One of the actor’s fan asked him to ignore such unnecessary tweets and not to get affected. To which Diljit rightfully replied saying, ‘Nahi Parwah Ni Kar riha par eh Lok Sochde ne Ke Celebrity aa..Kush v Bol deo .. Par Gal eh aa ke mai celebrity Nahi .. Pinda’an wala Hee an .. Baki ena lokan Da Agenda hor v ho sakda.. Rab Jaanda.’ The actor says that just because we’re celebrities that doesn’t people can say whatever they feel like to us. Well, that’s quite right. Diljit has always supported the farmers and their protest against the new bills passed for them.


Diljit Dosanjh

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