Here’s How Much Shah Rukh Khan Spent on the VFX of Ra.One

Although Shah Rukh Khan’s Ra.One might not have pulled off a historic run at the box-office, it does mark for a significant turning point in the Indian film industry.

While we’ve seen plenty of attempts at the superhero genre before, Ra.One decided to take things up a notch when it came to VFX. The biggest reason that Indian superhero flicks weren’t as successful as Hollywood ones were the poor visual effects. The Indian audience was used to a certain standard which until Ra.One, the Indian film industry failed to meet. However, with Ra.One, Shah Rukh Khan assembled a team especially to work on the graphics of the film. The visual effects for the film ended up costing the actor around $ 9 million dollars (Rs. 66 crores). The 2011 Warner Bros release Green Lantern too had a similar amount spent on VFX.

What makes this effort even more special is that India now finally has a set up capable enough to compete with the rest of the world in terms of VFX. All credit for that must go to Shah Rukh Khan for pioneering something special.

Shah Rukh Khan VFX Ra One

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