Here’s how Tiger Shroff used to train himself for that perfect body

It’s not just his six-pack abs or his toned  muscles, but also his flexibility and the way he carries his beast avatar with a boyish charm that setsTiger Shroff apart from others.

Tiger Shroff has always been inclined towards fitness. Before he became an actor, he used to work out on Juhu beach in Mumbai. Even those days when he wasn’t known, his perfectly toned body, his curly hair and his Parkour practice on the beach used to attract attention. When Tiger became an overnight sensation, we’d asked him abnout his fitness regime.  And he’d said that he doesn’t spend much time in the gym but does different activities to keep his body fit and healthy.

Tiger Shroff fitness

In this throwback interview, Tiger speaks about his fitness saying, “
I don’t spend that much time in a gym. I spend more time doing my martial arts and dancing. I go to the gym only four times a week and I do maximum 45 minutes of exercise. Apart from that I practice Parkour on Juhu beach. I don’t have any trainer. I train with a bunch of boys. We all train together as long as people don’t come and bother me.” The actor started out young and today he flaunts a body that everyone either desires to achieve. The actor has three back-to-back action films coming up. In one of them, he’ll play the Indian version of Slyvester Stallone’s hit character Rambo.

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