How much Ranbir Kapoor charges for each film

Ranbir Kapoor is a special talent and there’s no doubting the fact. With films like Rockstar, Barfi, Tamasha, and many more, Ranbir Kapoor proved that he’s one of the best in the business. Now, if you’re looking to hire the best, you also will have to pay up accordingly. The same applies to the film industry. 

We’re sure that any filmmaker in the country would gladly take up the opportunity of working with Ranbir Kapoor. He reportedly charges Rs. 20 crore per project. While the fee is pretty steep, there’s no doubt that you can get your money worth thanks to Ranbir’s extensive popularity amongst cinema lovers. The actor also gives it his all for each film which is evident in the end product.

Ranbir Kapoor film

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