Kangana Ranaut Asks for Rs. 2 Crores Compensation from BMC from Damages

On the morning of September 9, Kangana Ranaut’s office building in Mumbai was crowded with media, supporters and officials from the Brahinmumbai Municipal Corporation as the allegedly illegal property was undergoing demolition. Kangana was en route to Mumbai from her hometown when BMC started the demolition of the property claiming there was illegal construction despite earlier notices to the actor


Kangana’s lawyer, Rizwan Siddiquee then filed a complaint and the demolition was stopped till a hearing in the court asked BMC to discontinue it entirely. Soon after, Kangana gave a statement and the war of words between Shiv Sena and the actor continued. She also added, “I had my office opening on 15th Jan, shortly after corona hit us, like most of us I haven’t worked ever since, don’t have money to renovate it, I will work from those ruins keep that office ravaged as a symbol of a woman’s will that dared to rise in this world” 


Kangana Ranaut


Following the incident, Kangana returned to her hometown but has apparently demanded a legal compensation of Rs. 2 crores from BMC for the damages done to her property


BMC is yet to respond to this.


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