Malaika Arora shares what it was like to be in quarantine

Malaika Arora recently emerged victorious in her battle against the coronavirus. Throughout her road to recovery, she kept her followers updated on social media with pictures and videos.

Recently, the actress got candid in an interview with a leading daily and made revelations regarding his journey. When asked about her experience in quarantine, Malaika revealed, “When you actually quarantine yourself, you realise the specific challenges. It was all too consuming and there was much to do from the time you wake up. You have to clean your room and sanitize everything as you cannot live in filth. And it didn’t help that there were times when I felt so weak and drained, I couldn’t even move, forget getting out of bed. Can you imagine someone like me who has led a healthy and active life, being in that state? In these 14 days, I realised that this virus can bring you to your knees and you can do little about it. This is why I believe that caregivers at home and in hospitals are angels and I wouldn’t have made it through without them. It also helped that many from my building often prepared and sent food so that the burden was eased. What really pulled me through this also has to be the love and support I received from so many people I had lost touch with. And thank god for online streamers! I also caught up on reading, something I had completely stopped doing. And I think video calls have really been a lifechanging game for me.”

Kudos to her for successfully fighting the infection!

Malaika Arora quarantine

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