Masaba Gupta Feels Masaba Masaba will Boost Dreams of Young Girls Who Don’t Have Conventional Bodies

Masaba Gupta has surprised everyone with her acting skills on her show Masaba Masaba on an OTT platform. While Masaba has always done some amazing work in the fashion industry,  she has now has proved her mettle in front of the camera too.  She recently spoke  to a leading daily about the show and her take on it.

Masaba Gupta who’d never faced the camera before says she got her first compliment from her mother and co-star Neena Gupta. She says, “After seeing the first cut, my mom said I was good. I passed the acting test because I had the common sense to not get over-ambitious. With this show, I wanted to shatter the idea that designers faff in the name of work. People told me they didn’t know fashion requires work.”

She further adds that the show was necessary to show the vulnerable side of celebrities. She states, “Secondly, it’s necessary to humanise celebrities; they have their own hardships. The show depicts the unfortunate fact that women, no matter how successful, aren’t taken seriously.”

Masaba Gupta

Masaba confidently flaunts her curves in the show. Talking about it, she says, “It gives a boost to the dreams of young girls who don’t have conventional bodies or feel they don’t have the face to be on screen.” She concludes the interview by saying that while fashion can never take a backseat in her life, but if something exciting comes her way acting wise, she’d be game for it.  

Hope filmmakers are reading this.

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