Neena Gupta talks about being typecast based

Neena Gupta is living proof that age is just a number that one can surpass professionally when driven by a passion for work. After spending decades in the industry, Neena Gupta is still one of the most sought after actors and is redefining the image that she’s had in the media. After being typecast as a strong woman because she was a single mother, Neena recalls that her image in the media affected her work drastically. She said that people would only offer you roles that were in sync with your image in real life. She further added that heroines in that era were shown as docile on screen and the image she had in the media did not portray her like that. 

She said, “When I say that I had an image of a strong woman, I am referring to the image created by the media. See what I am in my actual personal life, nobody knows. Maybe I am not strong in my personal life. How will anybody know? Now, the heroine in those days was not portrayed as strong, more often than not. Generally, she was someone who compromised with the circumstances and sacrificed a lot. So, I think an actor has to be very careful that what image of his/her gets created by the media. And mind well, the actor him/herself is responsible for it. Like, he/she should know what he has to say and not say in his interviews. And even if he/she says a few things, where should he/she draw the line?” 


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