Parineeti Chopra Believes Deepika Padukone is Fittest Actress Own

Parineeti Chopra is a livewire actress on screen. Off screen however,  the actress was once known for her love for junk food. All that has changed now. These days Parineeti is dedicted to her fitness regime. So much that she has let go of her guilty pleasures for a healthy lifestyle.

We got talking with Parineeti Chopra about her fitness regime and how she manages to remain so fit despite her hectic lifestyle. The actress said that it’s good to follow a healthy lifestyle and even gave fitness tips for the beginners. Says she, “Firstly, sleep well. Drink lots of water. Also workout the way you like. Don’t go the way if you don’t want to, if you like to dance then dance, if you don’t like to dance then walk, if you don’t like to walk, then swim. Figure out a workout you enjoy doing. But do something.” The actress further talks about the importance of a balanced diet.

She gives tips about how to minatain a fine balance in your diet. “Eat everything. Your body needs everything. Just don’t eat artificial and packaged food. And also keep cheating. It will keep you going. You must cheat once a week or once a day.” Now that’s a great piece of advice and we’ve got to follow it soon.

Parineeti Chopra

According to Parineeti, Deepika Padukone is the fittest actress in town. She states, “I feel fitness comes from body language, skin, hair, body everything. It’s not that she is thin, she is genuinely fit. Her body is toned. She always stands with her back straight.”

We couldn’t agree more.

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