Parineeti Chopra breaks myths about fitness and enlightens us

Now Parineeti Chopra is one actress who has completely transformed herself. Once considered fat, the actress has worked hard on herself. Now her svelte figure is enviable. She has inspired many people to turn towards fitness. But the actress’ take on fitness is unique. In this old interview, the actress breaks many myths about being fit.

Parineeti Chopra says that being fat or thin has nothing to do with fitness. She explains that fitness is about how your body functions and its stamina. The actress says, “
People say that being thin is fit. I don’t think it’s true. Fitness is to do with your organs, heart rate, blood pumping properly. You have a clean body inside. You might still have fat which you can burn but fat has nothing to do with fitness. When you are fit inside then automatically you will become thin outside. Your fat will reduce. But it’s not necessary. There are so many fat dancers. Do you think they are not fit? They are fit but they have something which is making them fat. Fitness comes from stamina.

Parineeti Chopra fitness

Parineeti Chopra further adds, “Another myth about fitness is that stopping any kind of food will help you lose weight. People say leave carbs, eat only proteins or only eat salads. I think that’s totally untrue. You must eat everything. Lots of fit people will tell you that. But eat in small quantities. Lots of people have these rules that I will stop eating rice and carbs, but these things don’t work. See for me, fitness is feeling great when you wake up in the morning. That’s a fit body for me. If you need coffee to wake you up then you are unfit. If you wake up in the morning and your blood if flowing, brain is fresh, your body is rested, you are smiling, that’s a fit person.” 

Thank you, Parineeti for saying it like it is.

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