Punjabi actor Babbal Rai says that it was his father who saw the spark in him

We all agree that our parents are our first and the best teachers. Punjabi actor Babbal Rai too states that he learnt a lot from his father.

In a candid interview with The Times Of India, Babbal Rai says his father was the first one to see a spark in him. Says he, “I am thankful to every teacher of mine, who taught me. Many times intentionally or unintentionally, they used to say so many things that left an impression on me. However, it was my father who saw the talent in me.

Babbal Rai

The actor further states, “He was the first person who saw what I had in me. So for me, he is the best teacher I ever had. Though I lost him at a very young age, I can’t forget the fact that he was the one who first saw the spark in me.”

Babbal Rai has acted in hit films like Mr & Mrs 420 and Sargi.

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