Ranbir Kapoor feels there’s no match for Mumbai’s street food

Ranbir Kapoor apart from being one of the popular actors of the generation is also a major foodie. Sticking to his Punjabi routes, Ranbir doesn’t shy away from confessing his love for food. The actor loves to get experimental with his food but also has his set of favourites.

Like a true Mumbaikar, Ranbir feels that the street food in Mumbai cannot be matched to any part of the world. During a promotional event, he told the media, “You can have the most expensive food in the world but the kind of street food that Mumbai offers you is amazing.” When asked what were his favourites dishes from he lots, he quickly stated bhajiya pav, cheese sada dosa and dabeli. In fact, he said that a cheese dosa is one of his favourite junk foods. The actor also confessed that anytime he’s feeling low, a plate of pain puri lifts his spirits up.

Ranbir Kapoor Mumbai Street food

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