Ranveer Singh Wants Sign Language to Become India’s 23rd Official Language

Ranveer Singh has a large heart and there is no denying that. One can see it from his demeanor itself that he loves making people feel loved and that’s his most charming quality. But apart from that, now the actor has been doing his bit for the deaf community as well. He has been supporting an initiative to make the sign language India’s 23rd official language and thanking him for standing up for them 25 members of the deaf community from across India said, “We were very happy to hear the good news about Ranveer Singh, who is a famous Bollywood actor, to support ISL to be recognized as the 23rd official language of India. We are so glad that he supports this. With your support, we felt inspired. Indian sign language is a beautiful language. We want to thank Ranveer for showing support to the Deaf community. We are all happy and grateful to you!”

On the other hand, Ranveer said, “We are deeply committed to making Indian Sign Language (ISL) become the 23rd official language of India. This progressive step will create a ripple effect in providing equal access across all areas from education to employment to entertainment to more than 10 million Deaf people in India.” Kudos to you Ranveer!

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