Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia Deshmukh’s new venture is exciting

Veganism is turning into one of the fastest-growing trends in the world. While the lifestyle choice has become pretty mainstream in the western part of the world, it slowly is gaining traction in India as well. Keeping the growing popularity in mind, Riteish and Genelia Deshmukh’s have created their very own plant-based meat venture Imagine Meats.

As they say, the customer is always king and it looks like this couple has taken the saying extremely seriously. Ritiesh and Genelia recently shared a google form on social media which basically was a questionnaire to be better understand how people consume meat in India. “Which meat do you consume? What do you hate seeing on the packaging of meat?, If there was an alternative to meat that tasted exactly like it, would you buy it? What have you replaced your meat consumption with? Has the taste satisfied you?, Have you ever thought about cutting down/quitting meat consumption?” Are some of the questions mentioned in the document.

They also ensured that the answers would be completely anonymous and used for the company to create products suitable for the average Indian’s non-vegetarians palette. Pretty impressive right?

Riteish Deshmukh Genelia Deshmukh

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