Sonu Sood Gets a Mobile Tower Installed in Haryana for Better Internet Access

Sonu Sood has done a lot for the people during the lockdown. The actor has helped several people in need during the pandemic and has got acknowledged for his wonderful work too. Be it migrant workers, students or farmers, the actor has done his bit to make sure the pain of thousands eases out. The latest initiative he has contributed to involves the installment of a mobile tower in Morni, Haryana. A video went viral on social media where a student was seen sitting on a tree to catch signal to attend online classes in Morni and Sonu was tagged in it. Soon the actor helped out the children of the village with proper internet facility by getting a mobile tower installed there.

Talking about it Sonu said in an official statement, “Children are the future of our nation and they deserve an equal chance to a better future. I believe such challenges should never stop anyone from reaching their full potential. It is my honour to help set up a mobile tower in the remote village to help these kids access online classes. They no longer have to climb trees to catch mobile signals.” 

Hats off, Sonu!

Sonu Sood

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