Suniel Shetty reveals his first fitness inspiration that got him in love with fitness

Suniel Shetty might be a father of two grown up kids. But his physique can give any 20-something a run for their money. Right from the ‘90s, Suniel Shetty has been one of the fittest actors in town. And he continues to be in perfect shape and a at his healthiest best.

So we got talking to the actor about his fitness and he had a great story to narrate. S
aid he, “As a child, my parents always encouraged sports. I was the captain of the various sports teams in school. But the turning point came when I met England cricketing legend Sir Williams Richard at the Taj hotel. I was 14 while he must have been around 22. I asked him for an autograph and while doing so he shook my hand. I was awestruck by the grip. “You’re so strong and tough. How do you have such strong forearms and arms?” I asked. He replied, “I weight train so I can hit the ball harder.” That stuck in my mind.”

Suniel Shetty

He further added, “I enjoyed playing cricket and I wanted to do the same. I couldn’t afford going to the gym, so I started doing pull-ups, push-ups, Surya Namskar, dand baithak… and other forms of yoga. I also began training in martial arts and doing freehand exercises.” We must say that the actor continues to  surprise us.

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