Tara Sutaria shares what she ate throughout the day

Tara Sutaria is one actress who’s extremely dedicated to looking after her body. Since the lockdown, the young star has experimented a lot in the kitchen towards coming up with healthier snacks and also kept her fans updated about her diet chart.

But looks like she also likes to go easy and cheat on healthy eating once in a while. Yesterday, the actor took to social media and shared her diet of the day with her fans. The first picture she posted was of her lunch for which she had the classic combo of a burger and French fries. Take a look at the post below.

To end the day, Tara enjoyed a Sole meunière, a French dish consisting of fish as the protein which is pan-fried in butter. It is served with a side of some butter gravy and lemons as we see in the picture as well. Tara Sutaria’s caption for the picture read, “Cooked Sole meunière (with extra lemon butter gravy) tonight.” Have a look at her creation below.

Tara Sutaria ate

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