Tota Roy Chowdhury tells what fitness means to him

He’s one of the most talented artiste in the Indian film industry with some great work in Bengali films. He made a mark in Hindi movies like Indu Sarkar and Kahaani 2 too. Tota Roy Choudhary has always surprised us with his performances but what also surprises everyone is the fact that this actor is in his 40s but his body can give 20-something boys a run for their money.

This talented and gifted actor takes his body goals and fitness very seriously. Age is surely a number when one sees his fit and athletic body. Tota Roy Chowdhury believes that fitness is important for his work as being an actor he needs to be flexible with the different roles he plays.

Tota Roy chowdhury fitness

The actor says, “Fitness is a non-negotiable part of my being. Anything that I do for my exercises should translate into my work which is films. Films need me to be flexible. I need to have quality movements. I need to breathe better, move better. I know about fitness quite a lot. I know how to take care of my body. I do it unfailingly. I eat everything but I control.”

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