Twinkle Khanna is a proud mom as she wishes her son Aarav a happy 18th

Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Kumar are celebrating their son Aarav’s eighteenth birthday today and the parents could not be more proud of him. Giving him a gift of some wise words, Twinkle Khan posted a message for him and she sure is a proud mother today. 


Talking about the transition that comes when your children grow up, Twinkle spoke of how it would be lights out for her when he leaves their home. In the note that she shared with a picture of her family sporting a moustache, Twinkle elaborated, “Happy 18th birthday Aarav! Here is something I had written for you once and to keep loosening the strings and finally cutting them off this year has not been easy. All these years you have been as much my teacher as I have been yours. I learned optimism, kindness and wonder from you as I taught you maths, a few manners and how to switch the lights off when you leave the room.”




She further got reminiscent about watching Aarav grow and wrote, “But looking at you growing up and listening to you repeatedly tell me how much you are looking forward to your independence, I have started realising that when you finally leave my home, my world and step into your own, my lights will go off automatically and my world will be filled with a bleak darkness. Though whenever you return for a visit, I will light numerous diyas and pretend that this is not a permanent power failure; we are just celebrating Diwali. I am already missing the little boy you were but am so proud of the man you have become. #MamaBear #MoustacheMusketeers” 

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